• TAG Spring Show 2021
    Think of the fresh smell of the earth, the yet unsteady warmth of the sun, the woods starting to green ever so slightly, the wind whipping clothes on the line and bending trees all in the same direction, while clouds race across the sky and daffodils start to emerge….. we have beautiful art that evokes all of that and more in our new SPRING SHOW at the Tappahannock Art Galllery. The art is provided by our own members as well as supportive guest artists. Additionally, thanks to the efforts of Joyce Crown-Wilkins and her art students from the Tappahannock Elementary School, our windows have been decorated with their bright art creations to celebrate a time of renewal and rebirth. Escape from your “exhausting pandemic winter” by joining us in the Gallery at 200 Prince St. We are open on Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm. Beginning in April, we will also be opened on Fridays, noon – 4 pm. (Masks still required)