Color, Light and Shadow – Aaron Bowles


45min Lunch
$60 payable at TAG


Join Aaron for an exciting, hands-on, all day painting workshop, where you’ll learn how to create dynamic paintings with vibrant color harmonies, and interesting combinations of light and shadow.

We begin by quickly viewing the history and basics of color technique, with examples of great colorists, including recent breakthroughs in color theory. We will combine scientific color theory with choices “based on observation, on sensitivity, on felt experiences”, in the words of Matisse.

Aaron will then lead students through all the stages of the color selection process with demonstrations and exercises:
COLOR CHARTS – create color mixing charts,
NEUTRALS – create exciting color harmonies using neutrals, and
LAYERING – how to obtain richness and depth using layering and glazing techniques.

The afternoon will continue as students select their images to make a color study from, and mix the colors on the palette they will use to complete the artwork. Each student will receive individual attention to help improve their color techniques and confidence by depicting images from a photograph of their choice into a successful small painting, a painted color study, that can serve as the basis for a larger work. We will progress from color selection, value study, color mixing, to final color study.

Students will learn to plan the colors of their paintings, and how to control the viewer’s visual experience by adjusting focus, light, and shadow. Most importantly, students will walk away with the confidence and skills to know what their color choices convey emotionally, and how to produce dynamic, colorful paintings that have richness and depth.

Our session will end with a group discussion and feedback.

Students may choose either acrylic, oil, pastel, or watercolor as their preferred medium. Aaron will discuss the characteristics of each.

Some painting/drawing experience is desirable, but Aaron has decades of teaching experience, and is comfortable working with students at all levels. This is actually a very good class for a beginning artist, as it will provide a foundation to understand color, and lights and darks.

Contact The Tappahannock Art Guild to register.

Students either bring their own lunch or eat at nearby restaurants. Beverages and snacks provided throughout the day.

Color, Light and Shadow – Aaron Bowles