EIS Student Art Showcase

04/08/2017 - 04/28/2017

The art students at E.I.S. have been focusing on using the art elements and principles in their artwork this year.

The 8th grade students learned about Illuminated letters and used a crayon resist technique to create an aged patina on their drawings. Then they illuminated the art using a gold paint pen.

The 7th grade students explored the texture of real feathers and applied this exploration to their Owl drawings. The students used textured paper and colored pencils to draw their owls.

The 6th grade students created Op Art Chessboard using One Point Perspective drawing techniques. They used complimentary colors to create the illusion of the chess pieces falling through the board.

The 5th grade students learned about facial proportions, symmetry, and scale to create their Self-Portraits. The students used texture plates in the background to add interest to the composition.

All grade levels created Monochromatic Landscape paintings. The students drew layers of trees and painted each layer a tint, pure hue, and shade. Overlapping the layers and value of one color created the effect of Atmospheric Perspective.

Mrs. Atkins, the art teacher at Essex Intermediate School, is very proud of the work her students have created and is excited to share their work with community. ​​

EIS Student Art Showcase