Nathan K. Pope — “Outside” — solo exhibit

05/26/2017 - 07/02/2017

OUTSIDE: recent landscapes by Nathan K. Pope.

Pope connects with the Virginia landscapes that surround him, but it is the dialogue between the parts of that landscape that yield the ‘experience’ he tries to capture in his paintings.

“I work to recreate the close harmonies I discover in open fields, marshes, rivers, and skies: to reveal the dialogue between a tree line and farmland, a lone cedar and passing clouds, a man-made structure and its natural setting,” Pope expresses his goals in his artist’s statement.

In his emphasis on the experience of painting more than the end result, Pope speaks of the calm he finds in being outside in tidewater Virginia. He describes searching for a spirit of connection, rather than a reconstruction of mere observation.

Opening Reception:
Kick off Memorial Day weekend at the gallery, Friday, May 26, from 5 until 7 pm. Have some wine, visit with friends, and ask the artist about his recent paintings.

See a preview at the artist’s website and on Facebook.

Pictured: “The Great Outside,” 28 x 34, pastel (above); “New Growth,” 20 x 26, pastel (below).

Nathan K. Pope — “Outside” — solo exhibit