Wider Horizons

09/06/2019 - 10/13/2019

Original Photographs by Sarah Collins Honenberger

Opening Reception 9/6 at 5pm

Photo Raffle to benefit TAG

An awarding-winning novelist and one of TAG’s founding artist members, Honenberger uses her camera to explore the meaning of being human, the wonder of the world we live in, and the intricacy of our interconnectedness.

This collection of new work is culled from her travels to Spain, Bermuda, Guatemala, Italy’s hill country, and America’s cities.

Framed photograph for raffle to support TAG will be:

  • $5 for one chance
  • $10 for three chances
  • valued at $100
  • 11″ by 14″ frame with mat (black or white)
  • Winner picks whatever photo they want from the show
  • Photo will be labeled #1 of 10 copies (no more than 10 copies of photos are ever sold)

Wider Horizons