Jacqueline Leavitt

Jackie Leavitt

jackieLeavittTreeStormJackie Leavitt in gallerysq Artist Jacqueline Leavitt waited until her retirement years to pursue her interest in art. She considers herself a student artist and is basically self taught after taking continuing education classes in drawing and watercolor painting while she was spending winter time in Florida. She credits Florida artist Helen Terry for her instruction and setting her standards. In Virginia she has painted with the Rivah Country Painters for over ten years. The collective help has been responsible for the freedom she now has to express herself anyway she wants. Her work is best characterized by her use of intense colors and free style. She uses pens, pencils and pastel and lets the watercolors flow freely from a palette of primary colors. She grew up on the Northern Neck, graduating from Northumberland High School “a long time ago”. After years away she has returned to her childhood home in Hyacinth and lives peacefully with her husband and her dog.