Kelly Neale


I am Kelly Lynn Neale.  “I think therefore I am.”  I am autistic, artistic, asexual, and abused.  I am not type-A personality.  My life experiences, the humans in my past and present, and my extensive use of public libraries have made me who I am today.  I love me!  Thank you to my Mother, Father, Family, Friends, Books, Children and the Earth for creating me.  I find creativity to be the most wonderful aspect of life.  With the world’s help, I create in the studio, with my IPad Mini, the kitchen, the garden, on my yoga mat, and in my relationships.  Looking for beauty, balance, truth and love in all that I encounter helps me take care of myself, my family, and my community.  My friends have compared me to Mother Nature, this is a great compliment to me.


Rules and systems are very helpful to me.  They can be found everywhere, my favorite way of expressing myself is through mathematics.  Geometry, logic and form, and algebra, numbers and formulas, are especially important to my work.  While painting pictures, I study relationships between dimensions, tones, colors, and lines.  While taking pictures, I study relationships between perspectives, subjects, and light. In the kitchen and garden, preparation, planning, and patience are my key ingredients.  On the yoga mat as a student, I study relationships between my body, mind, and spirit. As a yoga teacher, I study relationships between myself and the students, between the students to each other, and every student’s relationship to their selves.  In my personal and professional relationships to other humans, I try to treat each individual as I would like to be treated, that is with love, respect, kindness, gentleness, and understanding that how a person presents themselves in any given moment depends on how they feel in their bodies, minds, and souls.  These relationships can be expressed through mathematics, the universal language.


My life has not been easy, I am grateful for this.  It has made me who I am today.  I am now ready to share my art with the world.  I hope it brings awareness to the bright side of life.  It helps me feel good to always find the positive side of everything.  I also hope my art will bring awareness to the great contributions to our world that autistic people are able to offer when we are taking care of ourselves physically and being accepted for who we are by our friends, neighbors, and communities.