Affectionately known for their charismatic art the Virginia based art educators Konstantina and Ignat Konstantinov, aka the “KonKons” are two artists in a unique collaborative effort. Their recent mixed media and installation artworks give glimpses of the breadth of their studies, experiments, and practice within and outside of their teachers’ influence.

Through the use of their signature material – weathered sail cloth, the artists skillfully incorporate both highly personal and traditional art historical precedents, and create mixed media imagery that is at once meditative and dynamic. Traveling to remote regions around the world, they use mixed media as a vehicle of indirect storytelling – about the magnificence of the natural environment but also the solitude of the journey.

The KonKons’ “seascapes” have always occupied a difficult terrain, somewhere between magic realms and dream like abstraction of the unknown and delight of discovery. With their suggestions of stormy oceans, desolate tropical islands, booming skies, and flooded river banks, the KonKons create a balance between the natural and the man-made.

The Bulgarian-born American artists, who have their work in exhibits and private collections around the world, draw inspiration from their travel experience as well as from the beauty of Virginia’s wilderness. Constantly striving to create innovative works of art and involve future generations of art students, the KonKons work as a team, not only in their professional art endeavors, but as art teachers at St. Margaret’s School in Tappahannock, Virginia.

Vita Nova

Mixed Media works by the KonKons